The Group Fitness classes we offer at Fitness 24/7 include activities like cycling, dance, weightlifting, boxing and yoga. Whatever you want to achieve, there’s a group fitness class for you. Consult the timetable below to see when we run these activities in addition to our normal classes and services! *New releases every three months ensures there is no chance of boredom setting in*

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During each circuit class you’ll work your way around a unique series of stations to give you a workout that’s both a heap of fun and a great challenge for any fitness level.

HIIT 24/7

 This High Intensity Interval Training session will burn fat, boost your cardiovascular fitness and build lean muscle. Using adjustable weights and step boxes you’ll work through the reps in intervals with short rest periods. This work out promises to give you the challenge you want, no matter what your fitness level.

SPIN 24/7

Always a classic, Spin classes are an essential to any workout week. Improve your endurance, strength and cardiovascular fitness. This fun, low impact option, where you control the intensity is a great way to burn calories. With an environment to get you in the zone, and awesome instructors to motivate and push you, this is a great way to get that cardio element into your personal programme.

CLIMB 24/7

This classic aerobics session utilises step boxes to give you a great lower body workout and boost your cardio fitness. With a fun instructor and energetic group to motivate you, this 60 minute workout is sure to get results.

LIFT 24/7

This barbell training class will get your blood pumping as you combine cardio fitness and strength building. Lift is great for all fitness levels, with an awesome group vibe to get you going, and simple movements like squats, lunges, presses and curls, with weights you can adjust to suit you.

FIGHT 24/7

This Friday class is the ultimate stress relief to close out the work week. In this boxing class you’ll work on your technique, skills and fitness. You will spar with gloves and punching pads to practice your jabs, hooks and uppercuts, as well as some classic boxing drills to build your fitness and strength. This is a great upper body work out and always heaps of fun.


Improve your flexibility and strength with this Yoga and Pilates style class. This is class is both a great workout and a great way to unwind at the end of the work day.